Affordable Low Cost Web Hosting

Finding affordable low-cost web hosting does not have to be a hassle, no matter what kind of site you are trying to build. Whether you want affordable web hosting and eCommerce services or you just want to start a blog, there should be a host within your price range that can offer everything you need to get the best web building experience possible.

The trick is to not be blinded by low prices. Many web hosts will lure you in with what looks like a great deal, only to find that you get stuck with bandwidth fees, you have to pay extra for things like email, you do not get unlimited hosting, and they put up ads on your site without paying you any of the earnings.

So the important question is not “How low a price can you find” so much as “What are you getting for that low price?”

Hopefully, the low, low price being advertised should at least cover the following…


  • Unlimited Web Space


This should really go without saying. In this day and age, the only reason for a web host to limit how much space you have access to is so that they can charge you more for the “unlimited package”. In truth, it does not cost them anymore whether they let you have one gig to host on or a dozen. You can fit all of the websites in the world onto a hard drive that fits in your closet, so what is web space really worth anymore?


  • Basic Customer Service


Some web hosts sell your space and then forget about you. You should find a web host that actually provides a little basic customer service along with the purchase price. You should be able to ask them questions if you need to get some answers, and you should have someone to talk to if you have any issues with your service.


  • Transparency


This is an important thing in business, isn’t it? Transparency. You want to know exactly what you are getting right upfront. Make sure that there are no hidden fees and make sure that you do not have to pay extra for things like unlimited space, email, and basic services.

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